Choose Viva Tulum for Unforgettable Wedding Catering Services!

At Viva Tulum, we know every couple’s dream is to make their wedding day memorable for everyone! That’s why we've made our catering business successful by earning trust through attentive listening to our customer's needs and feedback. With our professional chefs and an extensive range of Mexican-American menu options, we offer everything you need to put together a delicious meal for your guests.

When your guests arrive, they will be given delectable appetizers to whet their appetites for the fantastic food that will be served. Our dedicated staff will serve a delicious selection of soups and salads that are bursting with vivid colors and fresh flavors as the celebration continues.

We provide a wide range of main course options that satisfy all palates. Every guest will have a great dining experience thanks to our perfectly prepared main dishes, which range from soft-juicy chicken and spicy beef to delicious vegetarian and vegan options.

Our burgers and pasta dishes are perfect for people seeking a traditional favorite. We also offer a kids' specific menu and a range of sides to go with any meal because we recognize that some of your guests may have special dietary needs or preferences.

No celebration is complete without a little something sweet to indulge in. Our mouthwatering desserts are the ideal way to finish your wedding feast. Not only this, but we also provide a wide range of beverages, including Aguas frescas and refreshing soft drinks, to quench your guests' thirst. Our talented bartenders are ready to serve distinctive specialty drinks that will go well with your wedding's theme and wow your guests.

Here are some reasons why Viva Tulum stands out for wedding catering services:

  • Culinary Excellence
  • Fresh and Local Ingredients.
  • Customization and Flexibility.
  • Wide variety of menu options.
  • Impeccable Service.

Get in touch with us today and share your requirements to start organizing your amazing wedding catering experience at Viva Tulum.