At Viva Tulum, we understand that a sweet sixteen birthday is the time to celebrate your kid's transition into adulthood. That's why our experienced team ensures that their special day is filled with delicious Mexican-American food, impeccable service, lots of laughter, and love.

Planning a sweet sixteen is an opportunity for the celebrant to express their style, and we are here to create a unique menu tailored to your daughter's tastes and preferences. If you have any specific dietary requirements, you can discuss them while customizing the menu.

We will develop an eating experience that pleases the palette and eye. From delectable appetizers to main dishes, our talented chefs offer a wide range of Mexican-American cuisine to exceed your expectations.

Our menu blends the bright flavors of Mexican food mixed with American classics to create an unforgettable fusion of tastes. With our exquisite Burritos, cheesy goodness of Mozzarella sticks, crispy Nachos, and fried Calamari made with delicious marinara sauce; you can enhance the joy of the celebrations.

These savory and flavorful food options are always a hit and crowd-pleaser. No Sweet Sixteen birthday party is complete without a mouthwatering selection of desserts, such as delicious Churros, Flan, and Brownies that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Team Viva Tulum uses 100% fresh, high-quality, and locally-sourced ingredients. We are committed to providing exceptional service from the initial stage of your party till the very last moment and giving you a seamless experience. Our skilled and friendly staff attend to every detail and offer extensive event planning, allowing you to relax and revel in fun in the celebrations with your guests.

If you want to give your kid a celebration that embraces their growing independence while cherishing their youth, contact us, and we will throw a party that marks a lasting impact on your teenager's journey to adulthood.

Our devoted team will discuss all your needs and guide you throughout the process. We are passionate about delivering an excellent dining experience and creating memories that last a lifetime.

So book our services and indulge in a mouth-watering fusion of our incredible Mexican-American cuisine!